Exposed Aggregate Restoration? Product Updates

Have you gotten sick of how faded and cracked your exposed aggregate driveway or patio is? Were you dreading having to spend the money to have it ripped out only to pour more exposed aggregate that will do the same? Over and over again….

Well times have changed and so has technology in the coatings and sealers industry. Eco-CorFlex Industrial Polymerss has developed an industrial grade two component sealer that not only last for years, but restores substrates to their like new look! Our Industrial Sealer is quickly becoming extremely popular nationwide thanks to our network of dealers across the United States and Canada. This sealer is not available for purchase directly by the customer and must be installed by a certified and trained technician. and it’s authorized dealer network are the only companies that have access to this incredible sealer.

If you are sick and tired of dull, gray, cracked and faded exposed aggregate, call us today and we can set you up with one of our Authorized dealers!

A picture is worth a thousand words? Well then this picture should be worth millions. Here is a photo of Industrial Sealer in action, restoring this exposed aggregate driveway in Paradise Valley, a exclusive community in Phoenix, AZ.


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