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Let’s face it, your garage is the ugliest part of the house. It’s a sad but honest truth. Not to worry though, you can fix this!

Coming home from a long and hard day at work is something we all look forward to.  Opening the garage door to a dirty and unorganized mess is another story.  Is your garage floor stained?  Pitted?  Cracked?  Well for years epoxy coatings have been able to hide these blemishes and create a clean and functional surface.

With time comes technology.  With technology comes advancements in strength, durability and style. and its Authorized Dealers are at the forefront of the coatings industry.  From starting the “chip” fad years ago to being the only company nationwide that offers mica mixtures to add real stone creating more strength and durability to the floors, is the definition of customization in epoxy or polyurea/polyaspartic flooring.

If you have ever dreamed of building your custom man cave around your favorite car or sports team, we have the solutions for you.  Just check out this before and after to show how one Ferrari owner customized his parking place for his favorite car.  From dull, stained, chipped and cracked concrete to a one of a kind home for his Ferrari!

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