Full-Chip Mica-Infused Epoxy Flooring

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It’s always nice to bring a touch of nature into your home. So how can you blend the natural world with your interior space? One increasingly popular way is to turn your home “outside-in” with full-chip, mica-infused epoxy coatings. Basements and garages are great places to install this type of flooring, but because it’s so durable, you can install it virtually anywhere…inside and out.

What Does “Full Chip” Mean?

In a “chipped” epoxy coating system, either thermoplastic PVA or mica flakes (“chips”) are broadcast into an epoxy color coat. Because the chips are broadcast before the epoxy is allowed to cure, the chips get embedded. A “full-chip” application simply means that the chips have been broadcast into the epoxy coat until the “point or rejection”. That is to say, the chips fully cover the entire epoxy color coat.

Aside from the added color, contrast and texture, full-chip epoxy coatings are thick…up to 30 mils (a mil is a unit of thickness equal to 1/1000 of an inch). Because of this, they make for very durable floors. In comparison, “partially” chipped floors are 15 to 18 “mils” in thickness, and non-chipped floors, typically less than 13 mils. Generally speaking, the higher the millage, the more durable the floor.

What is Mica?

Using mica chips in a full-chip system takes your flooring “next-level”. Mica is a glimmering silicate mineral found as minute flakes in granite (and other rocks) and is available in many colors and opacities. When incorporated in a floor in a full-chip spread, it provides a unique texture, pattern and reflective quality that only mica can deliver. It’s as aesthetically stunning as it is durable!

Other Benefits

Full-chip, mica-infused coatings provide a host of other benefits. They strongly resist staining and abrasions and are extremely UV stable (so they can be installed outdoors as well). Because full-chip systems have one or more clear topcoats applied, this flooring is also very easy to clean. Just hose it down and squeegee clean.

Mica-Infused Flooring Options

GarageFloorCoating.com (www.garagefloorcoating.com) offers several sophisticated full-chip mica media coating systems (https://www.garagefloorcoating.com/products/mica-media/). Our classic Earth Effects coating system has been around for years, but our newest entries are the striking Bagari SE and Vintage Mica systems. These coating systems use our proprietary mica blends, not offered by any other company, in a variety of colors.

Installing Full Chip Mica Systems

Installation of a Bagari SE or Vintage Mica system involves the application of a standard or moisture-mitigating primer coat followed by a color coat into which the proprietary mica blends are “broadcast” in a full-chip spread. One or more clear topcoats follow to provide sheen and unprecedented strength.

Take a peek at our video showing the installation of a Bagari SE floor.

Video: Installation of a Bagari SE Epoxy Floor

(P.S. Note the professional equipment being used. Proper epoxy coating installation is not a DIY project).

The Wrap

Take your basement, garage or any space from ordinary to extraordinary with a full-chip, mica-infused epoxy coating system. At GarageFloorCoating.com, our installers are highly trained in the art and science of application, ensuring your finished mica-infused floor is natural, beautiful, functional and durable…for years to come.


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