Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems

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An epoxy garage floor coating can give your garage or workspace the showroom shine that screams, “Check me out”! You can choose anything from solid colors to custom blends of color media that match your favorite sports team. Garages are becoming more than just a place where you park the car; they are now turning into spots where you can entertain your guests. Epoxy coated floors have become a very popular choice for the garage.

100% Solids Epoxy

These commercial grade epoxy systems have a high solids content with the best being 100% solids. The 100% solids single coat system is much thicker and will cure to approximately 10 mils or more depending on the brand. This is also regarded as a base-coat and is available in many choices of color options.

Clear Epoxy or Polyurethane Top Coats

To improve upon the single coat system, the next step is to add one or two coats of clear epoxy or polyurethane, AKA the top coat. This clear coat system adds durability and thickness, the shine and glimmer, well that is just an added benefit of this coat. If adding a top coat, you have the option of adding colored media to your base coat. They can be sprinkled on for a medium spread or applied to full spread.

Full spread is basically throwing on the media until they wont stick anymore. Before applying the top coat, the paint flakes that did not stick are scraped and swept up. Apart from adding thickness and texture to add some anti-skid to the surface a full spread will really bring out the sparkle in your garage. There is a multitude of different colored media combinations to choose from to give your floor that custom look you you are trying to attain. Full spreads will be what really turns heads!

Benefits of a Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

What makes an epoxy garage floor coating a great option for your garage? Besides the obvious of looking great, an epoxy garage floor has loads of benefits. Because of the hardness and thicker application that you get from epoxy, this concrete coating is extremely durable and resists impacts, chipping, and scratching. You don’t have to panic the next time you hear the sound of a tool hitting the ground!

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Scottsdale Epoxy Floor Coating One Day Coating System

The thicker coating does a phenomenal job of covering up the minor imperfections of concrete, such as small surface cracks and flaws and is anti-dusting. Most of the dust in a garage is from the cement floor itself. This dust loves to move around the garage collecting on cars, tool benches, and storage items and above all loves to be tracked into the house. Lastly, It will brighten up the look of your garage without having to add additional lights. There are great options to add to the epoxy garage floor that will take very little light and amplify it to allow your garage to literally sparkle.

A garage floor option such as epoxy is both chemical and stain resistant which means oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, battery acid and other car chemicals can easily be wiped up – even if it has been sitting. It’s moisture resistant and extremely easy to clean, just a little soap and water is all you need. Whether you added media or not and the thickness of the topcoat, some surfaces can be slippery when wet. If you want some extra grip you can always add anti-skid to the top clear coat.

What about hot tire pick up? This is caused when the hot tires from your car can soften lessor quality coatings, such as the DIY kits you can purchase at the big box stores. The tires then cool down causing them to contract making the tread literally grab and pull at the surface coating causing it to delaminate. A professionally installed epoxy garage floor coating by GarageFloorCoating.com eliminates hot tire pick up completely.

Most commercial brand epoxy is 100% solids; floor thickness from these is 70% greater than a store bought kit that is only around 30% solids. Thicker coated epoxy floors like this wear so well, extended warranties are common.