Shopping for a New Garage Floor Coating?

Here are 10 Important Questions to Ask Every Company During the Estimating Process

A properly applied garage floor finish is an investment to both protect and beautify your home.

Just as with any home improvement project, you want to ensure that the company you choose is qualified to perform the work and uses durable, yet safe, products. Asking these questions of a prospective company will help you make the right choice for your dream floor:

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Asking these questions is your first step in getting a beautiful, durable garage floor finish. If you would like more information about the process or would like to find a licensed dealer in your area, please contact the corporate office at 877-324-2628.

white Chevrolet on garage floor coating of durable full chip mica media

Epoxy flooring concrete preparation of commercial space with high-end Lavina diamond grinders

Large commercial space coated with gray high gloss epoxy flooring

Beautiful interior metallic epoxy flooring in basement