Garage Floor Coating Dealership Opportunity

Capitalize on this lucrative opportunity

Dear Entrepreneur,

With the downturn in the economy over a year ago, the country and much of the world is experiencing some of the roughest economic times in history. During this time, Garage Floor has proven to be very resilient and has experienced rapid growth.

We ended 2006 with two locations, and a presence in two states. By the end of 2008, we will have at least twenty-five locations, operations in over fourteen states, and will have grown 100% during just the last year; one of the worst years in decades for our economy.

Garage floor coating and enhancement remains the fastest growing segment in the home improvement industry. I started this company in 1995, and we are at least five to ten years ahead of every competitor in knowledge and technology. We have even accelerated our research and development efforts this year to widen the gap further.

The concrete coating industry is only widely established in Arizona, largely due to our efforts. We have eight locations in Arizona, and we are the dominant company. Everywhere else in the country, awareness and popularity has just started growing.

Roughly 98% of the concrete in America has not been coated. When we go to a new market, if there are any competitors, we are able to compete on price, quality, experience, technology, and customer service. We actually like having competitors, because they help us build awareness of the process in the communities.

If you are motivated and ambitious, and want to dominate the market in your area, then I want to speak with you. Once you see what we have to offer for a very reasonable investment, I trust and believe you will want to be a part of our team. I highly recommend you speak with some our dealers who have capitalized on the opportunity, and see what they have to say.

Please contact our corporate office at 1-877-324-2628 if you would like schedule a time for us to speak.

Best regards,
Robert Hanson CEO