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Concrete coating expert Robert Hanson of Garage Floor cautions consumers and coating companies about quick cure one day coating systems. Commenting on a recent article in Residential Concrete Magazine that reports contractors are discovering that polyaspartic polyurea quick cure systems increase profits and are good for the customer, Robert Hanson, Founder of Garage Floor warns that polyaspartic polyurea one-day-systems are a “recipe for disaster.”

In an article in Residential Concrete Magazine written by Jeanne Fields,
“Garage Floor Coatings Pickup Speed”, Fields reports that contractors are discovering that polyaspartic polyurea systems increase profits because of their quick installation time. Source: RESIDENTIAL CONCRETE MAGAZINE
Publication date: December 15, 2007

“Our concern is that the public is being misled about the capability and performance of these products,” said Hanson. “The allure to the customer is the promise of a coated garage in just one day. Many companies are jumping on the one-day-system bandwagon. When the products fail, the cost and time to remove the coating and re-apply proves very costly as well as a major inconvenience to the customer. We learned the hard way several years ago when we had to re-coat close to one- hundred floors due to failures with the one-day-systems. It’s a recipe for disaster.”

Hanson went on to say, “we recommend epoxy/polyurethane systems which have been used in residential and commercial applications for over 25 years. They are the most commonly used products with the longest history of performance success rates. Epoxy resins are very versatile. They can be water based or 100 percent solids. There are several different epoxy hardeners which can allow epoxy resins to bond to damp concrete or have regular, fast or even cold cure abilities. And as far as top coats, there has never been a product better than a two component, catalyzed, chemical resistant polyurethane. This product has been used commercially in aircraft hangars and automobile dealerships for years. It is resistant to oils, fuels, acids, as well as many other chemicals. Polyurethanes also have excellent wear, hot tire, and UV stability. Sometimes, for financial reasons, a business like an auto repair shop cannot shut down for more than a day. In this case, we will apply the one-day-system, but we educate the customer about the product before it is installed.”

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Garage Floor has been coating concrete for over twelve years. Now operating in Arizona, Nevada and Texas, the company continues to expand through franchising, with eleven franchise locations and an aggressive growth strategy. The projection is for two-hundred franchised locations across the country within the next three to five years.

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