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Green and Clean: City of Scottsdale Workers Now Certified in Eco-Friendly Graffiti Protection and Property Maintenance

Eight city technicians are now qualified to install the Eco-CorFlex Hydro Poly protectant throughout the city

On January 14, 2014, eight City of Scottsdale technicians were certified in the first Eco-CorFlex Certification Program, a special training course hosted by industrial polymer developer Eco-CorFlex (A division of

Trainees were instructed in how to use Eco-CorFlex’s proprietary Hydro Poly system for graffiti abatement, surface restoration, UV protection, moisture control on concrete, metal, and wood, and prevention of the unsightly mineral buildup known as “efflorescence”.

“Utilizing the Hydro Poly system will save the city over 75% of their current costs for graffiti removal alone,” says Robert Hanson, CEO of Eco-CorFlex. “Scottsdale will be able to remove spray paint without pressure washing and can use green cleansers instead of toxic solvents—all of which are a real boon for this desert city.”

The training took place at the Scottsdale Stadium and Indian School Park, two oft-vandalized areas. Participants applied Hydro Poly during training; the cost of the training was offset by the value of the product used at these locations.

About the Eco-CorFlex Certification Program

The Eco-CorFlex Certification Program gives cities the opportunity to train their staff in application techniques and procedures of the company’s proprietary Hydro Poly product for use in city parks, playgrounds, sound walls, and public centers.

By training workers in-house, cities and large institutions can avoid lengthy bidding processes and have control over their facilities and properties.

Training consists of both classroom time and in-field training. Workers are given ISO-regulated standard operating procedures while learning to apply the material on actual surfaces. The program provides trainees with practical experience with Hydro Poly mixing, handling, and application.

Over the course of training, students will coat thousands of square feet of their organization’s property, in many instances covering the complete cost of the training. After training ends, certified workers also are eligible to access on-going technical support through the Eco-CorFlex professional network.

About Hydro Poly by Eco-CorFlex

Hydro Poly is a proprietary moisture-mitigating coating system that creates a molecular bond with any surface and provides a protective barrier from graffiti, UV and other chemicals.

Hydro Poly can be applied to surfaces such as concrete, exposed aggregate, natural stone, paver stone, wood, metal, plastic, painted and powder coated surfaces, and asphalt.

The benefits of Hydro Poly include:

– “100% Green” environmentally/eco-friendly product
– Graffiti control
– Cost savings (initial and on-going)
– Lower maintenance costs
– One-time, five-year application (eliminates need to apply product every 6-12 months)

About the Eco-CorFlex Company

Headquartered in Arizona, Eco-CorFlex has been installing and developing industrial coating products and systems since 1996.

Eco-CorFlex holds an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and is licensed and certified in residential and commercial concrete and specialty floor coating installations. The company is certified with the EPA, by the National Society of Protective Coatings, and holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system.


John Skummer
Eco-CorFlex, Scottsdale, AZ
Voice: 866-406-2628