Comments on Home Depot Report

Garage Floor Coating Franchise and Distributor Opportunities

November 29, 2007 – Garage Floor founder Robert Hanson believes that garage renovation will continue to be strong despite a recent Reuters report regarding Home Depot that blames the slumping U.S. housing market for its 27 percent drop in third-quarter profit.

It was January of this year, and the height of the housing market slump when Robert Hanson, founder of the Arizona company Garage Floor (, began franchising nationally. Today, the company has nine franchises, with locations in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, and is forecasting continued growth in 2008.

“We have established franchises in four states just this year, and plan to at least double that next year,” said Hanson.

When asked about the impact the recent real estate troubles have had on business, Mr. Hanson had this to say.

“Consumers have reason to renovate their garage regardless of the state of the housing market. When the market was hot, people spent a lot of money on their homes; and often tens of thousands of dollars just renovating and upgrading their garage. Now that the market has softened, and financing has gotten tighter, people are turning to their garage to add living space, visual appeal, and intrinsic value to their homes.”

In January of 2006, the ten year old corporation embarked on the mission to deliver a franchise system with the most highly advanced technology and support systems available in today’s franchising industry.

“Our support systems lower the financial burden on our franchisees significantly,” said Hanson. Traditional overhead like retail space, administrative support, and telephone coverage have been alleviated with the use of integrated technology and communication systems.”

Additionally, franchisees get off to an exceptionally fast start. Joyce Chmura, Franchisee Operations Manager, ensures that the franchisees get the VIP treatment.

“We have a process that will have the franchisee in a revenue position less than two months after signing the franchise agreement if that is what they desire,” said Chmura. “When our franchisees place their confidence in us and come aboard, they have a legitimate sense of urgency in getting their franchise operating immediately. We share this sense of urgency with them, and work extremely hard to get them up and running quickly, since our success is directly tied to the success of our franchisees.”

Garage enhancement is now the fastest growing segment in the home improvement industry. Now more than ever, new homes are built with garages that house at least two cars. In 2005, 84% of all newly built homes included a garage that could accommodate at least two cars. Also, 82% of homebuyers agree that the garage is an important factor in making a decision about purchasing a home.

For an approximate investment of two-hundred-thousand-dollars, franchisees are provided with all of the necessary equipment, tools, materials, and technologies. They receive custom built software for estimating and order fulfillment in the field, intranet software, Web sites, corporate branding, advertising and marketing collateral, a managed advertising program, a centralized call center, and extensive training and ongoing support.

Founded in 1996, Mr. Hanson started the business with a single truck and employee and has since grown the business to well over one hundred completed customer jobs per week in central Arizona alone. is the leading innovator of the garage floor coating process and uses only the highest quality products available. The company’s research and development team tirelessly researches future technologies to ensure they stay years ahead of the competition.

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