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In certain areas of your home or business, carpet, tile and vinyl flooring may make perfect sense. But in areas where heavy traffic, heavy loads and high impact reign, carpet, tile and vinyl flooring just won’t do. You need more resilient flooring and a durable epoxy coating is the best solution for you.

Industrial grade epoxy floor coatings typically come in two-parts: Part A and Part B. Part A is a resin and Part B is a catalyst or hardener. When mixed, a chemical reaction ensues. The mixture is then applied to a concrete slab, usually in multiple layers where it cures and bonds with the concrete beneath. The end result is a seamless and extremely durable floor coating.

So where can epoxy flooring help you?

Interior and Exterior Residential Spaces

In high traffic residential areas like driveways, walkways, patios and garages, epoxy floors are an excellent solution. Not only are they durable enough to withstand frequent foot and vehicular traffic, these coatings will resist chemical staining from oil, grease and tires and withstand fading due to sun exposure. Epoxy coatings also make for super easy cleaning. Usually a mop and water will do it!

Although not typically considered a high traffic area, “hydro” epoxy coatings can also be used in your basement to provide a moisture barrier. This is important given that the transmission of moisture in basement concrete may be the source of Sick Building Syndrome and other indoor air quality issues.

Interior and Exterior Commercial & Retail Spaces

Because epoxy flooring provides excellent flexural strength (resistance to bending), abrasion resistance, and stain resistance, this flooring is also very popular in commercial and retail spaces. Many of these areas are exposed to extreme traffic, heavy loads, heavy impacts and harsh environments.

Examples include:

  • Extreme foot traffic on office floors and foot traffic/pallet jacks in grocery stores
  • Extreme loads and high impact in the form of forklifts and vehicular traffic in warehouses, airplane hangars and parking lots
  • Extreme loads and harsh chemical environments in automotive garages
  • Extreme foot traffic and the propensity for staining in bakeries and commercial kitchens
  • Extreme temperature exposure in refrigeration units
  • Extreme temperature exposure and safety requirements for wheelchair ramps

Only commercial grade epoxy flooring will endure the dents, scratches, staining and peeling in spaces that are exposed to these extremes.

The Wrap

Finding durable flooring for your space is important. Epoxy flooring is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to mitigating flooring issues. This is especially true for spaces exposed to high traffic, heavy loads, high impacts, and extreme environments like commercial and retail spaces.

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