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Indoor Epoxy Applications

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Applying epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea-polyaspartic coatings to outdoor concrete substrates is very popular. Why? Because these two-component resins provide extreme durability, UV protection and chemical resistance when applied in proper sequence to driveways, walkways, patios or parking lots. But what about indoor epoxy applications? But are these products suitable for indoor spaces as well? Absolutely!

Why are Some Customers Reluctant?

But why are some people reluctant to have these products installed indoors? In the past, indoor installations got a bad rap, primarily because of odor. Some “old-school” products, often polyurethanes, had a strong chemical scent that would permeate the coated space and beyond.

But this is simply no longer the case. There are now many zero-VOC, low-odor products that are perfect for indoor applications. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, kitchens, waiting rooms, nightclubs, show rooms, galleries, garages, workshops, basements and family rooms. We regularly install our coatings in all of these spaces.

Our Indoor Line of Products

At, we offer a series of products developed for low-odor indoor applications like our clear Poly Pro, SL Epoxy and our Low Odor Poly Hybrid.

 Poly Pro

Our Poly Pro is a high-solids water-based polyurethane. It provides performance properties equal to conventional solvent-based urethanes without the associated health and environmental problems. It’s an ideal top coat for indoor spaces that require maximum gloss retention, ease of cleaning, and resistance to heavy foot traffic. Areas of usage include basements, hospitals and high traffic retail spaces.

SL Epoxy

Our SL Epoxy, a low odor 100% solids high-build epoxy, is our top coat of choice for indoor installations. With added metallic pigment, it’s also used as the color coat in our designer metallic epoxy coatings (now the hottest trend in decorative concrete flooring). It’s self-leveling and provides extreme chemical resistant. Great for basements, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shop floors and automotive spaces.

Low Odor Poly Hybrid

Our Low Odor Poly Hybrid is a zero-solvent polyaspartic that combines extreme abrasion, chemical, and UV-resistance with fast-cure properties. The product is ideal for garages (it prevents “plasticizer migration” from car tires) and anywhere rapid turnaround installations are needed. In addition to garages, our Low-Odor Poly Hybrid is a product of choice as a topcoat in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, chemical storage areas, airplane hangars and handicap ramps.

But All Our Coating Systems Can be Installed Indoors

The fact is, any one of our coating systems can be installed indoors as long as the right products are selected. We “tame” our 100% solids epoxies and moisture-mitigating epoxy products for indoor use with the addition of our Bubble Gum scent modifier. Because of this, we just don’t get any customer complaints about odors!

The Wrap

Why are indoor epoxy applications becoming more and more popular? Because they’re beautiful, durable, easy to maintain and very safe. If you’re looking for information or want a quote, go to our website at or call us at 877-324-2628.

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