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Mica Blends: Perfect Aesthetics

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In my last blog, I introduced you to GarageFloorCoating.com’s latest in cutting-edge mica blends called Vintage Mica. In this blog, I want to introduce you to another mica blend that’s been just a popular. It’s called Bagari Stone Effects…or Bagari SE for short.

The Formula is Ours and Ours Onlymica blends Epoxy Flooring Coating Red Corvette in Garage

Just like Vintage Mica, the Bagari SE blends use our cutting-edge mica technology and proprietary blend formulae…developed by GarageFloorCoating.com for our dealers, our franchisees, and our local customers only.

Because we’ve been in the coatings business for over 23 years, we’ve seen a lot of flake epoxy-polyaspartic systems. But nothing we can find compares to the aesthetically stunning coating systems that use our Bagari SE and Vintage Mica blends.

Click on each color sample below to see the Bagari SE blends close up.

Click on each color sample to see our Bagari SE blends close up.

No Ordinary Micamica blends red Z28 on epoxy polyaspartic flooring garage floor coating

Like the Vintage Mica, the mica used in our Bagari SE blends is unique. Because our branded “weighted” technology prevents the mica crystals from floating, this allows for a trouble-free broadcast. These blends have the added benefit of minimizing dust, making for a speedy, dust-free and healthier installation.

Watch an Installation

Take a peek at our crew installing a Bagari SE coating system in the video below. (In this segment, another one of our awesome products called ZYCRETE PMC-120 was used as primer to simultaneously mitigate moisture and mask concrete imperfections).

Did you notice the complete lack of dust during both the concrete grinding and flake broadcast? This highlights the need for the right equipment (grinders with dust-reduction attachments), the right techniques, and the right products (like our Bagari SE mica blend).

A Touch of Nature

So let GarageFloorCoating.com (www.garagefloorcoating.com) bring a touch of nature into your home with it’s Bagari SE mica blends. We’ll take your drab flooring from ordinary to extraordinary, providing your space with unique texture, pattern and quality. Available in a multitude of colors and opacities, Bagari SE flooring systems are as aesthetically stunning as they are functional.

But beware of jealous neighbors.

The Wrap

GarageFloorCoating.com was founded in 1996 and is a leading innovator in garage floor coating products and techniques. During this time, the company has established over 30 franchises and dealerships throughout the US.

Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings and concrete repair, GFC has installed its proprietary coatings in garages, basements, warehouses, airplane hangars, showrooms, retail facilities, walkways, patios, food preparation sites, and so many more spaces. As a result, its innovative processes have been refined to ensure that your floor will have both style and durability that lasts for eons.

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Robert Hanson is the President and founder of GarageFloorCoating.com (GFC), an ISO 9001-certified company that has specialized in the installation of epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea-polyaspartic flooring for over 25 years. Robert’s evolving knowledge and experience pertaining to concrete coatings and installation techniques culminated in GFC’s impressive line of commercial-grade Eco-Corflex floor coating products, flake epoxy flooring blends and unique coating systems. His proprietary floor coating products and flake blends are sold to over 35 franchisees & authorized dealers across the United States.

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