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Selecting an Epoxy Coating

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If you’re reading this, you already know that epoxy coatings provide the most durable flooring. In areas of heavy traffic, high impact, sunlight or chemical exposure…carpet, tile, wood and vinyl flooring won’t do. So if you’re looking to coat your garage, walkway, driveway or basement, the only real decision is which epoxy coating system you get? In this blog, I’ll walk you through the process of selecting an epoxy coating that’s perfect for you.

Epoxy Coating System Types

Before selecting a particular color or style of epoxy flooring, you’ll need to decide on which coating system type will work best for your space. There are several types of systems and they tend to fall into one of four categories. Solid Color, Flake Epoxy Flooring, Metallic or Clear Sealing coating systems.

Tastes vary and there are few hard and fast rules about where to use one system type over another. However, I will try to provide a little information on each system type to help you in the process of selecting an epoxy coating.

Solid Color Coating Systems

Solid color coating systems are the more classic epoxy systems that were very popular in the past. They provide no superfluous patterning or texture…just a medium to high gloss finish in one of a variety of possible colors.

Because even the slightest concrete imperfection (or addition of anti-skid) may show itself in this system, seamless coating systems are frequently installed in basements (where anti-skid is not required and the concrete is smooth). Albeit, the luminous beauty of this flooring still has a following. The lower cost per square foot certainly helps. (See’s Classic coating system)

Flake Epoxy Flooring Systems

In “flake” coating systems, thermoplastic PVA or mica “flakes” are broadcast into the epoxy (in your choice of medium, extra-heavy or “full-flake” spread) to provide added color, contrast and texture not seen in a solid color system.

Because of the added flakes and subsequent clear coat(s), these systems are as durable as they are aesthetically stunning and therefore can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors and out. They have rapidly gained in popularity over time. Expect the installation costs to increase as you go from a “medium-flake” PVA system to a “full-flake” mica media system. However, customers rarely complain as full-flake mica media systems are striking, durable and long-lasting. (See’s Bagari SE and Vintage Mica coating systems).

Metallic Coating Systems

Metallic epoxy floors are the hottest new trend in decorative flooring. They provide a flowing, 3-D marbled look with iridescent accents and are perfectly suited for high traffic areas where a real visual impact is desired. To obtain the marbled look, applicators spray solvents into the uncured epoxy to disperse the added metallic pigment, and/or use a blower or notched squeegee to produce rippled effects.

However, these systems are restricted to indoor locales as they are not suitable for UV exposure (or addition of anti-skid). And due to the complexity of application, this flooring can be expensive to install. Kitchens, garages, workshops, basements and family rooms are common areas for installation of these systems. (See’s Liquid Art and Liquid Minerals coating systems).

Sealing Coating Systems

If you have concrete, paver stone, brick or exposed aggregate that is starting to look weathered or “faded”, look no further. A clear sealing (or staining) coating system is what you’re looking for. These systems enrich the substrate’s color intensity, simplify maintenance, prevent moisture infiltration, and protect against weathering. As the least expensive system to install, this may be a simple solution to updating a space. (See’s Sealing & Staining coating system).

Help For Your Selection Process

Here’s some help for selecting your coating system type, style and color:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Coating Systems”.
  3. Click to view one of the coating system types: “Solid Epoxy Flooring”, “Flake Epoxy Flooring”, “Mica Flake Epoxy Flooring”, “Metallic Epoxy Flooring” or “Sealing & Staining”. (Hopefully, this blog has provided you with some information so that you already have an idea of your desired coating system type).
  4. After clicking on a coating system type, look for the series of color samples below the coating system illustration. Click on each color sample to enlarge.
  5. View the coating system(s) and color samples in this way until you find something you really like. Then, click on “Contact Us” (top right) and complete the form. Or just call us directly at 877-324-2628. We’ll send an Estimator for a free quote.
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