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Concrete Coatings: Commercial & Residential

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At, we develop industrial-grade epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea-polyaspartic concrete coatings for use in our branded, high-end flooring systems. Our authorized dealers and franchisees, located across the United States, are highly trained and certified applicators. Over the past 25 years, this network of professional applicators has installed over 70 million square feet of our proprietary concrete coatings for residential, retail and commercial customers.

We Coat More than Garages

Don’t let our corporate name fool you. Because we coat far more than garages! We professionally install our one-of-a-kind epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete coatings on exterior patios, walkways and driveways. But we install inside too, in kitchens, basements and family rooms. Although, we also coat garages. Thousands of them. And we promise our garage floor coatings will turn your home into the talk of the neighborhood.

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Commercial and Retail Spaces

Albeit, our concrete coatings are very popular as retail and commercial flooring as well. Because commercial and retail spaces are so often exposed to extreme traffic, heavy loads or harsh environments, durable industrial-grade flooring is essential. Our products and flooring systems meet this requirement by providing excellent flexural strength and superior impact, as well as, abrasion, moisture, chemical and stain resistance.

Our industrial floor coatings endure:

  • High foot traffic, extreme loads and high impact from pallet jacks, forklifts and vehicular traffic in warehouses, grocery stores, firehouses, airplane hangars and parking lots.
  • High foot traffic and staining in restaurants, bakeries and commercial kitchens.
  • Harsh chemical environments in automotive garages and industrial facilities.
  • Temperature exposure and high safety needs for wheelchair ramps and refrigeration units.
  • High foot traffic in homes, hotels and office spaces.

Residential, commercial and retail. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Any time, any space.

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A Large Selection of Concrete Coatings Systems

Additionally, we offer a variety of inimitable concrete coating systems. They are available in a host of colors, styles and pricing options to match your budget, taste and décor. We’ll take your gray, damp, stained and cracked slab of ugly concrete and turn it into a beautiful extension of your residential, commercial or retail space.

Our floor coating systems fall into one of five categories. Click in the links to see color samples of each coating system type:

A Solution for Damaged Concrete

Just as in painting, application of epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea-polyaspartic concrete coatings is as much about preparation as it is about application. Consequently, high-quality concrete preparation requires proper grinding (using industrial diamond grinders) in addition to the meticulous attention to the repair of hairline cracks, spalling, minor indentations (“pitting”) and major cracks. Generally, the time spent on these issues significantly enhances the final appearance of your installed floor coating system. Our concrete preparation process and thick coating systems conceal minor and major concrete imperfections.

Commercial epoxy concrete coatings for large storage facility





Other Benefits of Concrete Coatings

Safe Interior Concrete Coatings

Firstly, we offer a great selection of safe, low odor and low VOC products. No heavy metals, phthalates or added formaldehyde. We even offer low-odor floor coating systems that are specifically designed for interior installations. The floors are virtually inert after our products fully cure. Consequently, they producing little to no “out-gassing”. Safe during and after installation, our line-up of low-odor, low VOC products include our:

  • Hydro Polymer: A low-odor, high-solids, moisture-mitigating epoxy primer
  • 100% Solid Polymer: A low-moisture primer coat or low UV/chemical-resistant color coat
  • SL Epoxy: A low-odor, zero solvent, 100% solids, high-build epoxy color or clear coat
  • Poly Pro II: A low-odor, high-solids water-based polyurethane (regular & low-sheen)
  • LOPH II: A clear, low-odor, polyaspartic top-coat
  • Concrete repair products including our urethane cement called Zycrete PMC-120 and our polymer-modified cement called Duracuire FC Concrete Patch


Secondly, our certified installers incorporate aggregate into the final coat of all of our concrete coatings. We call these slip-resistant aggregates “anti-skid” or “anti-slip” because they provide a roughness to the floor. Also, we can adjust the type of anti-skid used within your concrete coating to reflect your level of concern. There are multiple anti-skid options, from the least aggressive (and least visible) polypropylene spheres, to the more “aggressive” (and more visible) quartz and aluminum oxide.

Ease of Maintenance

Finally, there are lots of reasons to want epoxy flooring installed in your home, commercial facility or retail space. Long guarantees, inimitable beauty and durability. But equally important is the moisture mitigation and increased property re-sale value. Although, what you’ll love most about your new floor coating is its ease of maintenance! It’s unbelievably simple! Because the smooth non-porous surface allows dust, grease, oil, brake fluid and other chemicals to be wiped up quickly and easily.

Conversely, bacteria, mold and mildew thrive in untreated porous floors. Additionally, dust originates from the uncoated concrete itself. The dirt and microorganisms are tracked into your home, commercial or retail space creating potential health concerns. Don’t let that slab of concrete become a portal to dust, dirt and bacteria.

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