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Epoxy Flooring: COVID-19

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At this time, GarageFloorCoating.com is still scheduling and installing our high-end epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea-polyaspartic flooring in your neighborhood. But with the current and ever-evolving situation with COVID-19, we want you to know what precautions we’re taking to ensure our estimators, our installers, and you, our customers, are safe.

Our Focus Will Be On Exterior Substrates

In general, we’ll be concentrating our epoxy installations outside of the home…garages, driveways, walkways and patios will be our main focus. The great thing about having epoxy flooring installed in these complex times is you can watch the amazing transformation from afar.

New Cleaning Protocols

But even before arrival, take comfort in the fact that we’ve upped the ante on our cleaning protocols! We’re taking extra precautions in the office, in the field, and with our estimators, and wanted to share our procedures with you.

Click here to see what we’re doing to mitigate risk. (These procedures were based on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines titled “How to Protect Yourself and Others“).

Changes to the Estimation Process

But before installation, one of our Estimators will need to assess and cost your epoxy coating project. So how will we do this? Here’s how:

  • Our Estimator will call you upon arrival so you can meet outside or inside the garage (your choice)
  • He’ll be wearing gloves and will not shake your hand…nothing personal
  • He’ll provide you with gloves if you want to peruse our coating system samples (or better yet, you can view our many coating system colors and styles, including our mica flake epoxy flooring systems, online at https://www.garagefloorcoating.com/products/mica-flake-epoxy-flooring/earth-effects/)
  • He’ll sanitize the coating system samples before and after each appointment

Changes to the Installation Process

On the scheduled date of installation, our expert installers will arrive. Like our Estimator, they’ll call before arriving at your home. If it’s your garage floor being coated, all you need to do is open the garage door before their arrival. If it’s any other exterior substrate (your driveway, walkway or patio), you don’t need to do anything.

Our team will complete your selected epoxy flooring installation without ever having to set foot in your home.  When the job is complete, they’ll provide a secure bag for cash or check payments. Or even easier, we’ll call so you can simply pay by credit card…with no additional credit charge.

Then, just wave goodbye to our team and enjoy your stunning new epoxy flooring.

The Wrap

Yes, things have become complicated. But we at GarageFloorCoating.com have modified our approach so life can carry on, while at the same time, ensure our estimators, our installers and our customers are safe.

Image credit for header – http://www.sloveniatimes.com/slovenia-keeps-croatia-on-list-of-covid-19-safe-countries

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