the garage is America's new front door polyaspartic floor coatings

The Garage is America’s New Front Door

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In the past, a typical garage was just big enough for a single car, a lawnmower, and several boxes of Christmas decorations. In fact, until fairly recently, the garage wasn’t even attached to the home! Times have changed – and garages have changed along with them. Now, the garage is America’s new front door!

A Short History

The suburban tract development of the 1970s and 80s completely changed the focus of the house. During that time, the front of the house, the proverbial “front porch”, was a social place. As a result, the street and front porch were anchors of social activity within the neighborhood.

However, with new tract developments, the focus of social activities shifted towards the rear of the house and away from the street and neighborhood. Garages now sat front and center to the street and the house was located behind the garage. Within a generation, the garage replaced the front porch as the primary design element of the home!

Current Statusthe garage is Americas new front door epoxy polyaspartic flooring

More than ever, new homes are built with garages that house at least two cars. In 2005, for example, 84% of all newly built homes included a garage that could fit at least two vehicles. Perhaps more importantly, 82% of home buyers agree that the garage is an important factor in making a decision about purchasing a home.

Homeowners came to realize that their garage is an integral part of the home. It is after all, usually the largest room and now the very first room owners see each time they return home. Homeowners want garages they can really use, enjoy and take pride in.

Because of this, the most requested upgrade for garages nationwide are epoxy floor coatings. They are versatile, durable, resistant to chemicals, abrasion, moisture and harsh climates, easy to maintain and affordable. Epoxy flooring is one of the easiest ways to aesthetically upgrade the garage…and your home’s re-sale value. Homeowners can choose from an almost limitless array of colors, patterns and textures.

Because of all this, the garage has become America’s new front door!

The Wrap

With over 60,000,000 square feet of coating experience and a reputation for total customer satisfaction, superior workmanship and highly developed production techniques, is a national forerunner in the booming garage enhancement market. Visit us at and find a dealer or franchise near you.

the garage is Americas new front door epoxy polyaspartic floor coatings

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