Mica Media – Earth Effects

Mica Media coating systems involve the application of a standard or moisture-mitigating primer coat followed by one color coat. Mica media is “broadcast” in a “full” spread into the color coat and 2 or more clear coats are subsequently applied. Mica is a natural mineral flake that provides a metallic luster to the floor coating. This unique quality is derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals including muscovite, phlogopite, biotite and clintonite.

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Prices have not been posted on this website as variations in concrete curing standards, concrete porosity, and moisture transmission vary considerably across the country. Furthermore, as one coating system does not suit all installations, offers numerous coating options at varying prices. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, proper coating system selection and installation is governed by written standard operating procedures ensuring the best possible system for your unique flooring challenge. Be wary of coating companies that offer 1-day systems or epoxy flooring only - these systems are guaranteed to fail if your concrete conditions are not dealt with professionally.

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