Cutting-Edge Mica Blends

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In this blog, I’ll introduce you to GFC’s ( latest in cutting-edge chip blends called Bagari SE and Vintage Mica. Since introduction in 2018, these blends have been in huge demand with our franchisees, dealers and our local customers.

Read on to find out why these blends keep us far ahead of the competition.

The Formula is Ours

The Bagari SE and Vintage Mica blends were developed by for our sole distribution. The blends are mixed in our warehouse using proprietary formulas…no other epoxy coatings company offers these exclusive looks.

Click on each color sample to see our Bagari SE blends close up.

Click on each color sample to see our Vintage Mica blends close up.

Back to Mica Basics

Mica is a natural, reflective silicate mineral found as minute crystals in granite and other rocks. When broadcast into an epoxy color coat, this reflective mineral provides epoxy flooring with unique texture, pattern and quality. It simply outshines (literally) and overshadows standard polyvinyl acetate (PVA) epoxy flooring. So if you’re looking for high-end flooring, mica media systems are a great option.

A problem, however, is that mica crystals are so light they tend to “float” in air. This makes for a very difficult and messy broadcast during installation. Mica “dust” gets into nooks and crannies, prolonging clean-up and providing a potential health hazard for installers.

In addition, some of the mica crystals “sit up” vertically atop the color coat post-broadcast, producing what we call “mica razor blades”. They’re sharp and need to be addressed. Installers must return the following day and sand these down, adding up to one needless day of labor to the installation process!

No Ordinary Mica

The mica used in our Bagari SE and Vintage Mica blends is unique. Our branded technology prevents the crystals from floating, making for a trouble-free broadcast. The same design that prevents floating also allows our mica to embed in the color coat, eliminating the problem of mica razor blades. Therefore, installers can immediately apply the final clear coat and drastically cut installation time.

The Wrap

Take your resinous flooring from ordinary to extraordinary. Our Bagari SE and Vintage Mica blends:

  • Drastically cut installation time!
  • Reduce mica dust (healthier environment)
  • Provide a clean and dust-free installation
  • Eliminate mica razor blades
  • Minimize clean up time after installation
  • Provide stunning flooring unavailable and unequaled by any other coatings company

If you’re interested in having one of our mica media epoxy coatings installed in your residential, retail or commercial space, contact us at

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