Basement Epoxy Flooring

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Basements can be useful spaces. They can be used as entertainment centers, play rooms, workout rooms, and even extra bedrooms. When finished, they not only add extra living space, they’re a good investment. But to make your basement space livable, a great option is to install basement epoxy flooring.

Flooring Choices 

There are endless basement flooring options, including ceramic tile, carpeting, engineered wood, laminate flooring, and more. But because a concrete basement slab is porous and prone to moisture issues, many of these options can be problematic. They look good, but aren’t great at mitigating moisture.

Musty Odors?

Have you noticed a musty odor in your (or your neighbor’s) basement. (If you don’t, there’s a good chance you will over time). The odor is indicative of concrete moisture vapor emission. The moisture source, typically the earth itself, provides a continuous flow of humidity that passes up through your concrete slab. Over time, this infiltration of moisture may lead to concrete failure and/or indoor air quality issues. Even radon, an invisible, odorless and radioactive gas, can seep up through a porous concrete slab.

How does this happen?

A house acts like a vacuum for underground gases. The air pressure inside your house is lower than in the soil surrounding the foundation. This difference in pressure is caused by air exchangers, exhaust fans, clothes dryers and the like. When air is pushed out of the house, outside air is pulled in to replace it…and much of this replacement air comes from the ground surrounding the house.

How Do I Mitigate This?

Of all flooring types, the best way to mitigate vapor infiltration is to apply an epoxy floor coating. This affordable flooring provides a virtually impermeable barrier to moisture, and in doing so, mediates moisture issues. Choosing an epoxy coating over other flooring types is not only a fiscally responsible choice, it’s a healthy one as well.

The bonus? There’s an almost unlimited variety of epoxy flooring styles and colors to choose from: solid epoxy flooring, flake epoxy flooring, mica flake epoxy flooring, and lustrous metallic epoxy flooring are examples. Take a peek at the coating systems offered by ( to see endless options that will suit any taste and budget.

Metallic Coatings for Basementsbasement epoxy flooring interior coating

But with respect to basements, the hottest trend in decorative concrete flooring is designer metallic epoxy coatings. This flooring provides a flowing, 3-D look with iridescent accents…for spaces where real visual impact is desired. And it not only mitigates moisture, it’s resistant to abrasion, staining and harsh chemicals! Unsightly carpeting, vinyl tiles or gray concrete just don’t compete.

So What is a Metallic Epoxy Coating?

A metallic epoxy coating is generally composed of 3 components:

  • An epoxy resin (Part A)
  • A hardener or catalyst (Part B)
  • One or more metallic coloring components

The metallic components are tiny, glittering pigments that are mixed into the 2-part epoxy before the mixture is poured onto the floor. When the pigments become agitated with a roller or squeegee, they twist and turn and reflect light at differing angles. When the epoxy hardens, the metallic pigments lock in place and provide the lustrous metallic flooring so popular today.

The Wrap

If you are looking to finish a basement, look no further than basement epoxy flooring. It’s affordable, durable and a healthier alternative to other flooring types. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, try a metallic epoxy floor coating. A dream for homeowners, this custom flooring provides sheen, color and pattern that simply can’t be achieved with any other flooring type. The bonus? At the same time, it’ll protect you and your family from the musty odors and associated indoor-air quality issues that plague other flooring options.

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