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Job Site Departure Etiquette

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The physical installation of an epoxy coating system is only one small part of the customer experience. There are several essential customer “touch points” that occur before, during, and after coating installation. In this blog, I’ll focus on the (often overlooked) etiquette of job site departure.

Isn’t Installing Awesome Epoxy Flooring Enough?

Great customer communication, job site arrival etiquette, proper protection of customer property. These are just a few of the important services in providing customers with a positive experience. (Read our prior blog titled Epoxy Coating: Superior Customer Experience). The etiquette of job site departure is yet another.

You may have installed a stunning epoxy floor using the highest quality industrial coating products. However, the breakdown of this essential customer touch point may determine whether you get a 1-star or 5-star review.

What’s Good Job Site Departure Etiquette?

Proper job site departure is so important to us that we use a “Job Site Departure Checklist”. We ask our field crews to complete one at the end of each installation day.

Here are just a few examples of departure etiquette:

Stick Around a While: Before departing the job site for the day, wait at least 15-30 minutes. Why? To observe if the newly coated surface starts to exhibit “out-gassing” (bubbling). If observed, roll the coating using a “spiked” roller until the bubbling is eliminated. If not done, the space will need to be sanded down on a subsequent day and re-coated. That’s not only a waste of time, product, and money, but a real inconvenience to your customer.

Clean the Entire Work Area: Ensure the customer’s coated space and its surroundings are free of concrete dust, PVA or mica “flakes” or other debris. Wipe down or use a leaf blower to clean the garage door, sidewalks, driveway, cabinets, windows, walkways, walls, etc. If applicable, return any “pushed back” rocks and clear landscaping debris. Take pride in this step as a clean space “frames” the new coating.

Secure the Garage Door: If the epoxy coating was installed in a garage, secure the garage door (using the proper clamps or garage door lock) to permit airflow and to prevent the garage door from descending and damaging the newly coated surface. Don’t use nails or other items to “prop” the door open!

Apply Caution Tape: Prior to departing, attach caution tape across or around the periphery of the newly coated space as a reminder to customers and others not to walk, drive or drag items on the newly installed coating.

Final Touches

Now just a few more things…

Notify the Customer of Important Details: If the customer is present, notify him/her that the day’s procedures are complete and if a return visit is necessary. Let him/her know the epoxy dry times (“How long before they can walk or drive on the coating).

Explain to the customer why the garage door needs to remain open (if applicable). If it’s the last day of installation, inform the customer that s/he will be responsible for removing the caution tape (the crew will not return) and that it should stay up until the coating is fully dried. Finally, ask the customer if s/he has any questions.

Load Up and Take Photos: Load up all your tools and materials into the company truck. Don’t leave anything behind (a return trip is expensive). As the last step, just prior to departing the job site, take some digital photographs of the coated space. Use these photos as future marketing materials.

Then take one last look and leave.

The Wrap

These tips may sound elementary, but they have a huge impact on the customer experience. And they may save you time and money by reducing customer call-backs. You may have installed a stunning epoxy floor, but leaving a dirty and disorganized job site will not make for a satisfied customer.

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