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The actual installation of an epoxy coating system is just one part of the customer experience. As a contractor specializing in epoxy coatings (, we can install beautiful flooring, but the breakdown of an essential customer touch point may determine whether we get a 1-star or 5-star review. In this blog, I’ll provide some tips on another element of superior customer service…protecting customer property.

Setting Up the Work Site

Before we even consider starting up a diamond grinder or mixing liquid epoxy products, we initiate a setup routine. This setup is done at every work site, each and every day, to ensure we’re protecting the customer’s property:

Protect Against Spills & Splatter

We place 4-mil plastic over the floor of our box truck and top it with carpeting. Because we carry liquid epoxy product within our truck, the plastic and carpeting are there to contain potential spills and splatter that would stain customer (or public) property. Unless the area to be coated is far from the parked box truck, we also mix our epoxy coatings in the rear of the truck. This prevents us from having to set up a separate mixing area on the customer’s property.

Protect Against Concrete Dust

If concrete preparation like diamond grinding is being performed at a job site, we create a path using plastic, mats and/or carpeting that extends from the space to be prepared all the way to our box truck. Why do we do this? Because diamond grinding creates a very fine dust that adheres to shoes. “Dust footprints” stain driveways, walkways and patios.

Protect Against Epoxy Stains

Before applying any liquid coatings, we first place a small mat or carpeting immediately outside the space to be coated. If it’s a garage, for example, the mat or carpeting is placed at the garage door entrance. We do this so our installers can thoroughly wipe their shoes (or spiked shoes) when exiting the coated work space. This prevents epoxy staining of the non-coated substrates like driveways.

Protecting Interior Spaces

For interior installations, where our installers must pass through a customer’s home or office space to access the work area, shoe covers are mandatory. No need to explain why here. When entering the customer’s home or work space, remember to bring a second pair of shoe covers for use when exiting the work space.

The Wrap

These tips may sound elementary, but they have a huge impact on the customer experience. Setting up protective plastic, carpeting or mats takes about 10 minutes of your time but might save hours in fixes.

We may have installed a stunning epoxy floor, but leaving a stained work site will not make for a satisfied customer.

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