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Superior Customer Experience – Epoxy Coatings

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When contracted to install an epoxy floor coating, the installation itself is only one step in providing a superior customer experience. (Albeit, an important step given that poorly installed epoxy flooring will not get you a referral). To ensure a worthy experience, the contractor needs to provide peripheral services that go above and beyond the installation itself.

Ongoing Customer Communication

Customer communication should not end after scheduling the installation of an epoxy floor. It’s good practice to call the customer on the day prior to Day 1 of the installation process. During this call, remind the customer that the space to be coated should be cleared prior to arrival of the installation team. There’s nothing worse (and costly) than having the installation team move boxes or furniture before installation.

Within the same call, inform the customer of the team’s expected arrival window and provide a brief overview of what will be performed. Explain to the customer that daily communications will continue through to completion of installation. Repeat the call each day until the install is complete.

Job Site Arrival

On the day of the scheduled installation, ensure the installation team is wearing professional-branded attire. Depart for the job site so as to arrive within the agreed time “window”. If the arrival time cannot be met, contact the customer immediately for re-scheduling.

When arriving at the job site, avoid parking the truck in the customer’s driveway. Instead, park in the street and place 4-6 traffic cones adjacent to the truck. If available, meet with the customer and notify him/her of your arrival. Introduce yourself, smile and be professional and courteous at all times. Although the customer has already received a call, explain the day’s procedure and expected duration.

Protect the Job Site

Each day, prior to starting installation, protect the customer’s property. Tape plastic sheets around the space to be coated as a protective barrier to rain, snow or wind. If necessary, protect cabinets or other items from grinder dust or debris with a self-adhering masking film. Similarly, if needed, use the self-adhering masking film to protect windows, walls and cars from over spray.

Protecting pools, spas, fountains and water features is also crucial. Product collected on the water surfaces can clog filtration systems resulting in expensive repairs.

Finally, if the installation team must pass through the customer’s home or office space to access the work area, shoe covers must be mandatory. Remember to bring a second pair of shoe covers for use when exiting the work space.

The Wrap

These tips may sound elementary, but they have a huge impact providing a superior customer experience. And they may save you money by reducing “call-backs”. Customer communication, a job-site arrival protocol, and proper protection of customer property are just a few of the important services in providing customers with a positive experience.

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