fixing DIY epoxy applicatons

Fixing DIY Epoxy Applications

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Being “wet behind the ears” is an idiom that refers to someone’s inexperience or naivete. In the business of epoxy coatings, this is not a good thing. As floor coating company with over 23 years experience, has come across many well-intentioned DIYers. A lot of our business involves fixing DIY epoxy applications. Removals and Re-Coats In a vastly overcrowded …

assessing concrete moisture epoxy flooring in garage

Assessing Concrete Moisture – Epoxy Coatings

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As a floor coating company with over 20 years experience, we have seen many contractors and DIYers apply coatings without ever testing for moisture content before beginning an epoxy floor application. This is surprising because assessing concrete moisture is one of the most important pre-installation steps. The Problem with Moisture One of the most common problems associated with the peeling …