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Yellowing of Epoxy Coatings

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In this blog, we’re responding to a great question posed by one of our potential customers pertaining to the yellowing of epoxy coatings. Yellowing may occur for several reasons, but in this case, our prospect was referring to the yellowing that occurs at points where the tires of a parked car rest on a coated garage floor. A Quick Sidebar …

Looking for the Singular Gift

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Do you have a birthday coming up this spring or summer? Are you looking for the singular gift for someone who has everything? Here’s a very popular idea. Convert your garage into a man-cave, she-shed, workout room, game room or home office. Create a fun and relaxing space where your significant other can do as s/he pleases; a place to …

More than Experience and Know-how

GarageFloorCoating.comEpoxy Flooring, General Info Leave a Comment ( has been in business for over 23 years. During this time, we’ve developed, tested and continuously improved our private-labelled epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea-polyaspartic products. And we’ve also learned tricks-of-the-trade…like which equipment and in-field techniques produce the best results. With our products, experience and know-how, and together with our GFC dealers and franchisees, we’ve installed over 60 million square feet …

fixing DIY epoxy applicatons

Fixing DIY Epoxy Applications

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Being “wet behind the ears” is an idiom that refers to someone’s inexperience or naivete. In the business of epoxy coatings, this is not a good thing. As floor coating company with over 23 years experience, has come across many well-intentioned DIYers. A lot of our business involves fixing DIY epoxy applications. Removals and Re-Coats In a vastly overcrowded …

epoxy mixology proper mixing of epoxy polyaspartic coatings

Epoxy Mixology: Basic Tips

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In the world of epoxy floor coatings, the techniques and tools used to mix epoxy paint before it is ever applied to a floor is critical. So often, it’s simple mixing errors that lead to curing problems and installation disasters. In this blog, we’ll provide some epoxy mixology. A Little Background Most commercial epoxy paints are two-component products, with a …

Epoxy Coating Product Types

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You may have heard about epoxy floor coatings, 2-component coatings available at your local hardware store. If you didn’t know otherwise, you’d think this was the only type of coating available. In fact, there are several types, each with important advantages and disadvantages. Choose the wrong product for your project and you’ll be re-coating within a year! Different Coating Product …