Exposed Aggregate Restoration? Product Updates

Have you gotten sick of how faded and cracked your exposed aggregate driveway or patio is? Were you dreading having to spend the money to have it ripped out only to pour more exposed aggregate that will do the same? Over and over again…. Well times have changed and so has technology in the coatings and sealers industry. Eco-CorFlex Industrial …

Sealing and Staining Concrete and Pavers

Eco-CorFlex – Revolutionary Sealer Product Updates

Let’s face it, up until now it has been “slim pickin’s” when it comes to sealers. Yes there are thousands of sealers to chose from, however what it comes down to is, “will this sealer even last six months?” Times have changed… Eco-CorFlex Industrial Sealer is here, and it’s here to stay. Over the past 10 years Eco-CorFlex has been …

What you don’t know about moisture-testing concrete floors can cost you General Info

Q:I’ve got a concrete slab that’s sup­posed to get a moisture-sensitive coat­ing. I’ve also found a ton of confusing information about various tests I should run first. Are they necessary? How do I make sense out of all this information? Yes, testing is necessary. In my research as Chair of the International Concrete Restoration Institute’s Technical Activities Committee, and a …

Pricing General Info

WE DO IT RIGHT! – FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE Prices have not been posted on this website as variations in concrete curing standards, concrete porosity, and moisture transmission vary considerably across the country. Furthermore, as one coating system does not suit all installations, offers numerous coating options at varying prices. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, proper coating system selection and …

Feeling Lucky Today? General Info

Feeling a little bit of the Irish luck today? Give us a call at 877.324.2628 and schedule a free estimate to turn your garage into a pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day! offers it’s proprietary Eco-CorFlex Industrial Polymers on all of our coating systems. Get years of protection and beauty at a price that can’t be beat for …

9 Months, Still Looks Brand New! Product Updates

We are very proud of Eco-CorFlex Molecular Industrial Polymers! We are the only company able to utilize the Eco-CorFlex products and the beautification and protection they offer. Are you tired of hiring other companies to coat your surfaces or doing it yourself, only to be left with a surface that loses its luster in a short amount of time? Give …

Happy New Year! General Info

Everyone at wishes you all a happy new year that brings joy and good things to each and every one of you. We here at are excited for the new year and what excitement we are expecting it to bring!

Check out the Hilton entrance we coated! General Info

Check out the Hilton we have just coated with our Industrial Sealer! Our Eco-CorFlex Molecular Industrial Polymers can withstand it all. Our Industrial Sealer and Staining products make any Industrial/Commercial area beautiful while adding the benefit of protection! Call us today for your Industrial/Commercial needs! 866.406.2628

Happy Holidays! General Info

Happy Holidays to everyone! Go ahead and feel free to ask Santa for one of our coating systems this year, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you from Foothills Academy General Info

After a recent job done at Foothills Academy, they were gracious enough to rave about our work! Our product both beautified and increased safety on the school grounds. Check out their thank you to Eco-CorFlex!